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These bricks can be used as giant building blocks to make many modular and circular designs.


Each brick is made of 1.6 kilos of 100% recycled plastic with dimensions of 200x100x135mm (LxBxH). The current samples are made using Polypropylene which we source ourselves from our local community in Rotterdam. All the collected material is brought to our workshop, where we sort and clean the plastics, before shredding it into small pieces of up to 9mm, which is used to make the bricks.  


These bricks can be locked together using M8 threaded rods, that go through the holes provided in the bricks and locked using standard nuts, this gives you the flexibility to make various modular and circular designs.


As there is no need for a binding agent like industrial glues, these bricks can be easily dismantled and reused for building other designs, just like giant blocks of 'Lego'.

They are available in up to 17 different colors, in PP and 4 colors in HDPE.

We might also be able to process your own waste source if you can provide us with clean and sorted plastics.

If you would like to order samples or if you would like to collaborate/commission us to create custom designs please fill in the inquiries form here with detailed information about your proposal.


Material: 100% recycled Polypropylene/HDPE

Weight: 1.6 kilos ~

Size: 200x100x135mm

Colors (PP) : Translucent white, white, brown, flamingo pink, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, translucent light blue, light blue, ocean blue, blue, dark blue, night blue, purple, grey, black.

Colors (HDPE) : transluscent white, white, red, mix colors

Compressive Strength: Under Testing

Fire Resistance : Low

VOC : Under Testing

Extremely low moisture absorption

Mould and Fungus resistant

UV resistance: Medium

Density: 0.90 g/cc