Unibrick Interlocking Urban Furniture

For our launching customer DUWO, a student housing company in Delft, we have made 6 interlocking urban furniture modules. Each of these modules is built with 24 Unibricks made using Polypropylene, recycling 36 kilos of waste plastic, that is around the amount of plastic that an average Dutch person throws away in a year. The furniture units can be arranged and stacked in several different ways easily to create a variety of arrangements. The bricks are locked together using metal rods making them strong, robust and easily dismantlable,  and topped off with a solid single piece of wood, to create a complimentary material play between the plastic and the wood, enhancing the quality of the unit. These units can be used as a seat, a bench, a table, pop-up stage and so on.  These units will be placed in the common space of a student housing building in Delft. 


Each Unibrick is made using the waste plastic that we have harvested from our local community in Rotterdam.

UniBrick is an interlocking brick made using locally sourced waste plastic, each brick weighs 1.6 kilos. The waste plastic after harvesting, is sorted into its different types and by color. This plastic is shredded into granulates of <5mm which is then used to produce the bricks. 

Reusing each kilo of plastic, helps us to save approximately 3 kilos in CO2 emissions, compared to if it was simply incinerated. For 6 of these units, we have reused a total of 240 kilos of plastic, and saved approximately 700 kilos in CO2 emissions.