Recycled Plastic Beams

These colorful beams are made using 100% recycled plastic. The beams are available in 17 colors of Polypropylene and 4 colors of HDPE. Using color blending production techniques, there is a wide range of color combinations possible. At the cross section of each beam, you can see how the individual colors were flown into the mold. Creating an effect similar to the growth-rings of a tree. The surface of the beam is glossy, mostly smooth, with some parts having a wrinkled texture.


The beams can be easily: cut (using woodworking saw blades or a band saw), milled, drilled, threaded, sanded, or screwed, just like a wooden beam.

The plastic is sourced by us from our local community in Rotterdam. All the collected material is brought to our workshop, where we sort and clean the plastics, before shredding it into small pieces of up to 9mm, which is then flow molded into beams.



Material: PP/HDPE

Colors (PP) : Translucent white, white, brown, flamingo pink, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, translucent light blue, light blue, ocean blue, blue, dark blue, night blue, purple, grey, black.
Finish: Glossy

Colors (HDPE) : transluscent white, white, red, mix colors
Dimensions: 26mm*26mm* max 2000mm

                 40mm*40mm* max 2000mm

                 Custom sizes available based on order volume

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